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Antonio "BrownStar" Brown

Founder & CEO

BrownStar Music Group

Founded in May 2024, BrownStar Music Group is here to provide Real Music, Real Artists, and Immaculate Vibes. Our Founder & CEO has an enduring love and adoration of music. His palette is diverse and appetite plentiful with the caveat that the music must be high quality. It has to mean something, has to say something, must have all of the elements that will transcend what is trendy and touch what is timeless. Inspired by the influences of the greats while understanding the nuances of the current state of music, Antonio "BrownStar" Brown will develop artists that  have depth and range. Talent will get you through our door but it will not keep you here. Dedication and consistency are our currency. 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, against the backdrop of Philadelphia International Records, Antonio was influenced first by his family's love of music but his foundation was rooted in church. Playing both the piano and drums since childhood, he is a seasoned musician with a trained ear. Every significant memory he has can be tied to the music that filled the space. Spending multiple years interning and working with Radio One and doing lighting and sound for Frankie Beverly & Maze, working alongside Grammy nominated & winning artists cultivating countless relationships throughout the music industry.  Rolling from era to era and genre to genre, BrownStar will restore what has been missing from the musical landscape. 

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